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Shoulder Barre FAQ

This looks absolutely insane. What is Shoulder Barre?

Thank you! Shoulder Barre is a fun, easy to use, and comprehensive shoulder warm-up program.  It is useful for any mover who uses their arms at all. Ever.

I really want to get away from the “bro-science” and “leggings” aesthetics. Don’t get me wrong, I love science and leggings (and… bros are… ok, sometimes) but this is truly a unique and special thing.

Who can use Shoulder Barre?

ANYONE who wants to work their shoulders. Seriously.

I do Shoulder Barre Modules with my boyfriend. He is a retired rugby player who now sits in front of a computer 5 hours a day. I also gave it to my best friend, a badass aerial artist who hasn’t gone a day in her life without getting in the air. They both love it and find it accessible and beneficial.

The Shoulder Barre targets and strengthens all the muscles in all the directions a shoulder needs to move. It is great for yoga practitioners, rock climbers, martial artists, as well as all circus artists including aerialists, hand balancers, and contortionists.

Is this SCIENCE?

Yeah, actually! I created Shoulder Barre with information from sports science and with the oversight of a Doctor of Physical Therapy. It is NOT a replacement for your own physical therapy- if you have any specific aches, sprains, or strains, please get those attended to.

However, if you need a program that warm-ups the shoulders and aids in potentially preventing common injuries incurred by overhead athletes- Shoulder Barre is for you!

What’s the difference between the modules and the User’s Guide? Which is right for me?

The Shoulder Barre Modules are set programs. They are plug and play. If you don’t need any science or any explanations and you just want to do the workout, the modules are for you!

Each Shoulder Barre Module comes with:

  1. A short (about 10 minute) workout video for you to follow from start to finish.
  2. A video playlist with each exercise in the program broken down and filmed from the front, side, and back.
  3. A downloadable .pdf file of all the exercises with specific instructions, timing, modifications, and tips, cues, and sensations you might feel while doing the exercise. 

Not included:

  1. Any anatomy or science-y explanations.
  2. An actual bar.


The User’s Guide to Shoulder Barre explains how Shoulder Barre works. Through visual anatomy, discussions on biomechanics, experiential exercises, and some jokes, I take you step by step through the logic and process behind creating the Shoulder Barre Modules. By the end of it, you can create a module of your own! The User’s Guide is best for any movement instructors, anatomy and physiology nerds, and anyone curious about their shoulders.

The User’s Guide to Shoulder Barre includes:

  1. A comprehensive downloadable interactive .pdf to break down Shoulder Barre step by step.
  2. A playlist of all the experiential exercises within the .pdf
  3. Playlists of all the Shoulder Barre exercises categorized by their utilization within the modules (NOTE: this is updated every time I create a new Shoulder Barre module, so it’s value will increase over time!)

Not included:

  1. Follow along workout videos.
  2. An actual bar.
When does my bar arrive?

It’s BARRE not BAR. It’s FRENCH.

I named Shoulder Barre after the ballet barre. The exercises at the barre (which, to be fair, is the name of the physical metal bar dancers hold for balance, as well as the exercises performed therein) function as the warm-up. Shoulder Barre Modules do the equivalent for your shoulders.

So, never. Next question.

What is the difference between the Modules? Which one is right for me?

Shoulder Barre currently has 2 modules for sale, they are creatively named Module 1 and Module 2. Module 1 uses resistance bands, Module 2 uses weights for resistance. They follow the same methodology to work and warm-up your shoulders. A review of the effects of training with resistance bands vs conventional weights showed that there was no noticeable difference between the two methods. (You can click here to read that study). 

If you are going to use Shoulder Barre as a warm-up for your daily workout routine, I recommend buying both and switching back and forth between the two.

How long does each session take?

Start to finish, the warm-up in each module is about 10 minutes. 

I suggest that initially, you spend some time practicing each exercise and learning proper form, but everything is very straightforward and designed to be easy to use. I developed the programs to be incredibly fast, so that you can spend more time on the fun stuff!

How can I incorporate it into my workout?

SO EASILY. It is the only warm-up you need for your shoulders. Get your heart rate up, do Shoulder Barre, maybe some sit-ups, then start with your activity specific movements for the day. You will be SHOCKED how much easier everything feels after just one time!

What tools are necessary?

While I encourage you to invest in the beneficial information of Shoulder Barre, I created everything so that you do not have to go out and buy a bunch of fancy equipment. I like to spend my money on knowledge and not on stuff.

A medium resistance band and two stacks of solid objects at equal height is enough for Module 1. A full water bottle, and two dictionaries are sufficient for Module 2. There are more in-depth recommendations in the Module booklets, but I promise you, everything you need, you already have. 

If you are looking for a reason to buy shiny new toys, then you should absolutely use Shoulder Barre to justify some gorgeous new resistance bands, yoga blocks, and ankle weights.

What is your return policy?

I’ve sold over 1,000 copies of e-books and no one has ever asked for a return. That doesn’t mean I won’t consider a refund on a case by case basis. Please use the contact form to submit and we’ll chat.

Why didn’t you answer my question?

Because no one has ever asked me THAT before! If you don’t see your question listed above, please contact me using the contact form and my people will call your people.

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