The User’s Guide to Shoulder Barre

Everything you needed to know about shoulders but were too afraid to ask! This guide explains the shoulder, nerves, muscles, joints, and bones in a fun easy to understand way. It’s goal is to empower you to build the shoulder program of your dreams!

In this purchase you will get:

  • 9 videos playlists of exercises AND these playlists get new exercises at no extra cost to you!
  • Follow-along videos to make tricky concepts easy to understand- like what the heck your shoulder is supposed to do when your arm goes overhead!
  • A downloadable .pdf with the logic and research behind the creation of this amazing program

To learn more about Shoulder Barre, click here to visit the FAQ

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The User’s Guide to Shoulder Barre is an interactive exploration of sports science and anatomy for the purpose of understanding the shoulders.

In each section of this document, there are bulleted lists inside of squares. These instructions for exercises deepen your understanding of the material through practical application. 


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  1. Mollie Ruth (verified owner)

    Shannon has such a fun writing style that takes you along for the ride of finding out the “why” behind her Shoulder Barre Program! Totally accessible for an anatomy newb like me to grasp and with real world examples that make sense to circus people and normal people alike (at least I think – I haven’t been a normal person for a while…). I especially enjoyed the little activity boxes sprinkled throughout that help you to locate certain muscles and understand what the actual heck they do. And bonus, if you listen to the podcast that is, you will hear the whole thing in your brain as if Shannon is speaking it to you in her fancy radio voice!

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