Shoulder Barre – Module 2

This 11:03 (and not a second more!) revolutionary program gets your shoulders pumped and ready for anything- from a day of zoom calls to climbing 35 feet up- using whatever you have lying around your house. 

Your Purchase Includes:

  • A glamorous video that you can follow along with IN REAL TIME!
  • An 18 video playlist covering all of the exercises and modifications so you can adjust the program to YOUR specific needs
  • An artfully designed booklet with descriptions of each exercise including precise instructions, and helpful tips, cues, and notes on what you ‘SHOULD’ be feeling

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Module 2 of Shoulder Barre is a complete shoulder warm-up using light weights. Use it before you start your training. 

The follow-along video runs approximately ten minutes and is the crown jewel of this module. You can also do the follow-along as a stand-alone light workout, if your intent is solely to mobilize and touch in with the muscles you use in practice.

In addition to the follow-along video, there is a video playlist of each movement shown from the angles that give you the most information. 

The beautifully designed and fun to read .pdf document contains corresponding instructions, cues, and timing notes for each movement to give you more specific support. The exercises in this document are listed in the same arrangement as they are in the playlist, which is the same in the follow-along video. 

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