Shoulder Barre Bundle

The full Shoulder Barre bundle has everything you need for shoulder health and glory!

This bundle contains all three Shoulder Barre products:  The User’s Guide for Shoulder Barre and Modules 1 & 2!

The Shoulder Barre is an all-encompassing revolutionary shoulder program.

In this purchase you will get:

  • The User’s Guide for Shoulder Barre:  an easy to read but super in-depth handbook about anatomy, physiology, and biomechanics broken down into explanations that even an acrobat could understand.
  • Individual videos of all current Shoulder Barre exercises. We are constantly adding to this catalog, so it will grow over time!
  • Shoulder Barre Module 1: a full shoulder routine using resistance bands
  • Shoulder Barre Module 2: a full shoulder routine using household objects

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This bundle is everything you need for shoulder health and glory! It contains all three Shoulder Barre products:  The User’s Guide for Shoulder Barre and Modules 1 & 2!

The Shoulder Barre is an all-encompassing revolutionary shoulder program! It is a systematized collection of movements that prepares the upper body for the work of the day.

Just as dancers rely on their legs to move them throughout space, so aerialists, yogis, rock climbers, and a whole smattering of other sports rely on their arms and shoulders- so where is the comprehensive codified warm-up for that?

It did not exist.



Reviews (4)


  1. Samuel Kellar-Long (verified owner)

    I am OBSESSED with the Shoulder Barre program. The exercises are pretty simple and don’t take long to figure out, but a couple of them really start to burn after just a few reps. After going through Module 1 this morning, my handstands were way more solid — it felt so much easier to shrug into the correct position. While in the past I’ve been a bit of a slacker with upper body warm-ups, Shoulder Barre is so fast, fun and simple that it just wouldn’t make sense not to do it. Also, I highly recommend making a playlist of 80(ish) bpm music to do it to, not only because it’s fun to listen to music, but because it made me focus more on the technique and precision of the movements (kind of like regular Barre). All in all, this is a great program, and I can’t wait to incorporate it fully into my training.

  2. jean ortiz (verified owner)

    Shoulder Barre is exactly what I needed! The concise and targeted exercises are definitely a new part of my exercise/warmup routine. It is a perfect way to build strength and keep my shoulders healthy for aerial and beyond in my very active daily life. Im so glad this exists!

  3. SterMeg (verified owner)

    Shoulder Barre is the best thing that has happened to my shoulders. I’m hypermobile, have extremely over-eager biceps and very little shoulder stability. After doing Shoulder Barre as part of my exercise/warmups, I’m feeling engagement in all sorts of new places that should have been working, but weren’t. I also love that the module follow-along is short enough that even my burnt-out ADHD 2020-afflicted brain can be tricked into doing it regularly because “it’s not that long”.

  4. Kaya Stojkov (verified owner)

    I would strongly recommend shoulder barre to anyone that has shoulders.

    You’ve probably stumbled onto this site because you are some amalgamation of nerd/ athlete/ human noodle/ large child/ artist – but this isn’t just for you. It’s for your mum, your cousin, your kids, and anyone else you are fond of.

    All the stars. ALL OF THEM.

    Ps also helps you figure out the bits that you really need to work on. Humbles you, like regular bar.

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