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From “what kind of pull-up bar do you use?” to “how do I allow myself to be more creative?” I constantly get hit up for advice.

And so, much like Queen Oprah, I decided to compile a list of my favorite things. Every product on this list (with the exception of two) are items I actually use on a weekly (or even daily) basis for training, creating, or just plain looking good. None of these brands have sent me any incentives to advertise to you, I hand picked them all. I tend to be frugal, so I to keep everything I recommend affordable and accessible- all of the products are sold on Amazon.com.

These are all affiliate links, which means when you buy something from this page, The Artist Athlete gets a small percentage of the purchase. Don’t worry, you don’t pay extra.

The money I earn helps me pay for hosting fees and keeps me creating.

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