Shannon can’t speak French but you know who can? Aerialist, choreographer, and master teacher Fred Deb.

Fred is one of the founders of aerial silks as an apparatus and has been called a “precursor to French contemporary circus.” In this episode, Shannon asks her about her career, the evolution of her teaching, and her creative process. Stay tuned after the interview to hear Shannon wrestle with the question of aerial dance vs circus…

Find her on instagram: _fred.deb_

About her company, Drapes Aerians:


Information about the French Aerial Dance Festival:


Promotional Footage for a 2003 Documentary about Compagnie Les Arts Sauts:


In the summary, I mentioned an interview with Lewie West on a different podcast. Unfortunately, it seems like all of the links to the episode are dead, BUT here’s a blog post with some additional information about it:

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