What causes an eating disorder? Why do some people get them and some don’t? How do you know if you have one? Dr. Jodie Richardson, clinical psychologist and eating disorder specialist, answers all of our questions and more.

For more resources and support on Eating Disorders, please see the following links:

Dare to Fuel Performance – Training and consulting organization that educates and supports the sporting and performance arts environments in the prevention, management and treatment of eating disorders.


Connecte Montreal Psychology Group – Blog posts from the Connecte psychology team on eating and weight-related issues and body image.  https://connectepsychology.com/en/library/blog/body-image-and-eating/

Alexia de Macar Nutrition Sport & Performance: co-founder of Dare to Fuel Performance  www.alexiademacar.com 

ANEB – Non-profit organization offering various services including support groups, resources, listening helpline, and conferences for individuals suffering from eating disorders, and their friends and family. https://anebquebec.com/

Recovery Warriors – online resources for eating disorder recovery. https://www.recoverywarriors.com 

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