How do you hang in the air for inversions? What are exercises should you do if you can only practice aerial once a week? How the heck do I use my abs anyway? This e-book has ALL the answers! Written with flair and specific attention to the needs of the aerialist, Shannon outlines all the major concepts, exercises, tips, and tricks, she uses to help students of all levels with inversions. Whether you are striving to get off the ground, needing pointers for straight-arm inversions, or searching for one-arm drills, this is the resource for YOU! Complete with over 50 videos of drills and skills, detailed breakdowns of each exercise, and hilarity, this e-book will leave you inspired to go for your goals and educated enough to create a plan! It is available digitally and can be accessed via email link immediately after purchase, so you don’t have to wait to get started, you can take it with you to the studio today!