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The Artist Athlete's

Act Creation Intensive

The Act Creation Intensive is an 8 week structured course designed to help you create the act of your dreams.

“I spend too much time on the inspiration part and not nearly enough time (or any) making the thing a reality. This intensive is forcing me to pick an idea and follow it to the end.”

– Dee Anna, current member

Who Should Be Looking at This:

You if you:

  • want to be a part of a supportive community
  • need structure and accountability to help you 
  • are creative but feeling uninspired or intimidated or both
  • can’t figure out how to meld the artistic with the athletic
  • know how to have a good time

Not you if you’re:

  • injured and healing
  • just beginning your aerial journey (like, if this is your first YEAR in the game)
  • rigging from trees
  • mean, judgmental, or just kind of a dick

And this is NOT JUST FOR AERIALISTS. I’m taking EVERY discipline. Try me. We’ll make the thing.


The Intensive Includes:

  • 8 weekly entertaining group meet-ups with fabulous people from all over the world who have different levels of experience and perspective to learn, get support, ask questions, and prioritize your creativity.
  • 8 weeks worth of emailed assignments that help you when you get stuck in the dreaded “desert of suck” (I’ll explain what that is in-depth during the Intensive, but I have a feeling you’ve been there before? Maybe? Yeah, me too.)
  • A one hour 1:1 call with me to give you more personalized direction
  • An invitation to the most fun, most insightful Facebook group of people who have come before and are still making and sharing their work!

“The Act Intensive is the bee’s knees- like seriously, it’s probably one of my favorite things I’ve ever signed up for in my life… It’s removing so many blocks for me. I feel like I have more focus, I have a better understanding of what I need to do as an athlete, I have more things I want to try…  I love it.”

-Jesse, first round


We meet every Sunday for 8 weeks on Zoom.

During each meeting, you’ll get to know the other awesome people in the group. You will have assignments, listen to lectures about creativity, and split off into smaller groups to deepen the conversation. You’ll have the opportunity to share struggles and successes, ask for help from supportive outside perspective, and watch a whole bunch of really cool work be developed.  

Note: you do not need your aerial equipment during our group meetings

The itinerary looks like this:

  • Week 1– Introductions, creating a baseline training plan
  • Week 2– Gathering outside inspiration and learning to synthesize
  • Week 3– Leaning into your strengths
  • Week 4– Day dreaming your act
  • Week 5– Learning what stays and what goes
  • Week 6– Gluing down the pieces
  • Week 7– Whip cream and cherries (Refinement)
  • Week 8– Final Feedback

The dates for the autumn round of the Act Creation Intensive are:

Sundays, September 12 – October 31st at 14h00 (2pm) EST

Additionally, there will be a showing of the work on November 7th at 2pm open to works in progress for all past and present participants of the ACI.   

“Everyone can find something valuable to craft and takeaway from this intensive because of the personalized and introspective nature of it!” 

-Karen, second round



In addition to the two hour meetings, you’ll need to plan some time during the week for your assignments. If you already have a training routine- expect to have it slightly interrupted to give space to act creation. 

If you know you SHOULD have a training routine, but you don’t because… ya know, life, DON’T STRESS. That’s Week 1!


Early Bird Discount- $747usd or two payments of $400usd if you apply and pay before August 28th

***For Canadians: $847cad or two payments of $450 if paid via interac transfer***

Regular Price- $997usd or two payments of $600usd ($1057cad / 2x $700cad)

Refundable for 7 days after payment date.


Do I have to show up live?/ Is there a replay available?

Yes and Yes.

The most valuable part of this process is the support fostered in a group of artists going through the same thing you are. This work requires that you SHOW UP. Keep your camera on. Share your work.

Of course, life happens and if you’re really into this but have to miss like, one or two weeks, that’s ok. We all understand, and a replay will be sent to you.

How do we present the work in class?

All of the assignments are shown on video. You do not need access to your equipment during the group meetings and we will provide technical support for you.

What if I'm not strong/flexible enough?

Let’s be honest honey, are you EVER going to feel flexible/strong enough? Probably not. It’s probably just fear talking.

This intensive is based on the premise that any artist at any level can be creative. I’m not really concerned with your technical ability. As long as you have some tricks up your sleeve and know the basics (like, you’ve been working on your craft longer than there’s been a global pandemic) you’ll be just fine.

I want to, but I'm scared!?!?

That’s not really a question, but I’ll answer you anyway. 

I know it can be intimidating, but this intensive is designed as a safe place to explore your creative potential. If you’ve read this far, there’s a part of you that wants to go exploring. Fear is an excellent indicator of desire. So let yourself do it!

What level is this for?

As long as you are not a complete beginner (in your first year of training), this is for you! Some past participants had the experience of creating their first act ever during this time, other participants have been working professionals for years. The Intensive is self-focused enough where ANYONE will be challenged and benefit from the work, and share insights and ideas and experiences that are incredibly valuable to the group.

So if you're down...

You don’t have to pay anything yet!

If you have any questions email me: info@theartistathlete.com

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